Pokemon Trailer Teases Ash's Galarian Starter

Pokemon knows a thing or three about starter monsters. Back in the day, gamers could pick between three monsters to start with, but Ash Ketchum bucked the trend with his choice. The trainer brought Pikachu along with him on his journey to become a Pokemon Master, and it seems as if Ash is about to get his own Galarian pick.

Yes, that is true. Ash is ready to get his own starter from the Galar region, but fans are not sure who he should pick. Last year, fans were shown the array of Pokemon available in Galar, and there are some which fans love more than others. Of course, that means the war between fans over the best starter is pretty intense, but Ash is going to be plenty happy once he meets Sobble.

You read that right! Thanks to a new Pokemon trailer, it seems like Sobble is going to be the Galarian starter working on Ash's side. The trailer shows Sobble sitting on the ground next to a pool, and the wide-eyed monster is all alone. The starter turns around with watery eyes as he begins to cry, and fans can hear Ash tell Sobble that it "could grow stronger with my team."


Of course, Pokemon fans are taking the trailer to be a bit prophetic as fans have known Ash would get a Galarian starter before long. This new series may not be set entirely in the new region, but Ash will be traveling through it a lot. The only question was whether Ash would take in Sobble or Grookey since Go has taken in Scorbunny. And between you and me, Sobble seems right up Ash's alley; The Pokemon may be known best for his waterworks, but Ash will turn the starter into a bonafide fighter who has the confidence to take on any opponent.

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