Pokemon Finally Brings Ash's Classic Pokemon Back to the Anime: Watch

Pokemon's anime has finally made good on Ash Ketchum's 25 year long journey by having him become the world champion in the newest episode of the series, and the occasion was celebrated in quite the huge way by bringing back all of Ash's classic Pokemon favorites to help Pikachu in a huge moment. Ash has been spending his time in Pokemon Journeys working his way up through the World Coronation Series, and he ended up taking on his biggest challenge yet with the grand finals of this tournament pitting him against the undefeated champion Leon in the process.

With the final moments of this match bringing it all down to a final bout between Ash and his Pikachu and Leon and his Charizard, Pikachu had been pushed further than ever before. It nearly almost faints from how much it had been struggling through the battle thus far, and when Pikachu blacks out for a moment, it rouses itself back to action when it's motivated by not only Ash's classic Kanto Pokemon team, but every single Pokemon Ash has caught over the years. Check it out as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter: 

Why Do Ash's Old Pokemon Return to the Anime?

Episode 132 of Pokemon Journeys sees Ash and Pikachu go up against Leon's final two Pokemon, Cinderace and Charizard in the grand finals of the Masters Tournament in the World Coronation Series. Pikachu had been carrying a lot of weight in this battle as it has gone up against a few of Leon's Pokemon to this point, and even had a brief Gigantamax battle to help take down Cinderace. By the time it faced off against Charizard in full, both Ash and Pikachu had been completely worn out. 

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After taking Charizard's Fire Blast, Pikachu nearly faints. But soon it's visited by the returning Kanto team Ash once had, and not only do they help Pikachu get back up into the battle but each and every Pokemon Ash has caught during his 25 year long journey all appear and help Pikachu motivate itself to finish the fight. Thankfully it also wins the battle after this last boost from old friends too. 

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