Pokemon Finally Brought Back Missing Fan Favorites for Ash's Big Win

Pokemon Journeys has officially given Ash Ketchum his biggest win in the anime's 25 long years of history to date, and the newest episode of the series used the opportunity to bring in the best cameos in the series so far! The newest iteration of the anime has been much different than many of the others in the franchise thus far as the 25th Anniversary has allowed the anime to dig deep into its history to bring back many familiar faces, places, and Pokemon from the past for new adventures. Now that has all come full circle for Ash as he goes for his biggest win yet.

With Pokemon's anime capping off of 25 years of Ash's adventures with the grand finals of the Masters Tournament in the World Coronation Series, the newest episode of the anime airing overseas has brought back many of the faces from the past that have yet to return to the anime as they all watch Ash making his final stand. This includes fan favorite companions who have yet to return such as May, Misty, Brock, and more along with Ash's old Pokemon: 

Who Returns During Ash's World Championship Win? 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 132 caps off the four episode long battle between Ash and the undefeated champion Leon, and with it Ash and Pikachu are the only ones left standing. Through the course of the battle it's revealed that all of Ash's friends and long time allies are watching the battle as well to support him in this major endeavor. This not only includes the companions who have already come back in Pokemon Journeys like Iris, Dawn, and more, but the other familiar faces who had yet to come back. 

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This includes his first two companions Misty and Brock, updated looks at May and her brother Max, a new look at Serena, Ash's friends from Alola, and much more. It's one final slate of cameos that the anime helped to celebrate 25 years of the series as Ash gets his biggest win in the anime's history to date. It's a great send off for all of them too as it might be a long time before the anime brings them back next time around. 

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