Pokemon Pulled All the Stops For Pikachu's Best Battle to Date: Watch

Pokemon has officially made Ash Ketchum a world champion with his major victory in the newest episode of the anime, but he clearly didn't do it alone as he and Pikachu won it by surviving their toughest and flashiest battle in the anime's history to date! Pokemon Journeys already shook things up for the franchise as it has not only eschewed the traditional gym challenge as Ash traveled around the world and took on all sorts of powerful opponents, but took things to the next level by actually letting him move forward in his dreams with some big wins for the first time.

As part of the 25th Anniversary for the Pokemon anime overall, Pokemon Journeys took Ash from his already groundbreaking Alola League Championship win to bring him to the grand finals of a worldwide tournament. Although he already impressed with some massive battles showing off how Ash stacked up against some of his regional champion opponents, the newest episode of the series took things to a massive new level as he and Pikachu took on the undefeated champion Leon and his own partner, Charizard. Check it out: 

What Happens in the Final Battle Between Ash and Leon? 

Episode 132 of Pokemon Journeys sees Ash and Pikachu reach the climax of the battle against Leon. It's been three episodes, and leading into the finale Ash and Pikachu were up against both a healthy Charizard and Cinderace. Following Eternatus interrupting their battle, both Leon and Ash are granted one more chance to Gigantamax and thankfully Ash and Gigantamax are able to completely wipe out Gigantamax Cinderace despite its best efforts to fight back. 

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Following Cinderace's defeat, it's down to Ash's Pikachu and Leon's Charizard to settle things once and for all. Initially it seems like Pikachu was about to be overwhelmed by Charizard's attacks and is even knocked down to the ground. But following one last burst of inspiration from Ash and all of the Pokemon friends they have met over their journey overall, Ash and Pikachu charge at Charizard one final time as it's able to land a final supercharged head butt to end the battle for good and win the championship. 

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