Pokemon Coco Reveals New Release Window

Pokemon has had a lot to deal with during the last year, and things only got more complicated when [...]

Pokemon has had a lot to deal with during the last year, and things only got more complicated when the COVID-19 outbreak forced its next movie to postpone its release date. Pokemon Coco will be the anime's next feature, and fans were thrilled when they learned the movie would delve into the lore of Celebi while introducing a new mythical beast. Now, it seems an updated release window as gone live for Pokemon Coco, and fans will be happy to learn it is still aiming for a 2020 debut.

The news began making the rounds recently after The Pokemon Company made an official announcement about the film. The brand informed fans Pokemon Coco is set to debut sometime this winter, and pre-sale tickets of the featured will go on sale in Japan shortly.

In fact, pre-sales will begin in early August, so The Pokemon Company is giving fans plenty of time to prepare. There is no telling what COVID-19 restrictions will look like this far in the future, but you can bet safety protocols will be put into place. This means it may be more difficult to nab seats to a screening, but the length pre-sale period gives fans the chance to plan ahead.

Pokemon Movie Coco Tetsuo Yajima Art
(Photo: Tetsuo Yajima)

There is no telling when Pokemon Coco will debut this winter, but that is when it will go live. This wintery premiere marks a first for the franchise as Pokemon is a fan of the summer blockbuster season. The franchise has released the majority of its films in the summer, especially during mid-July. But as Japan grapples with COVID-19 like the rest of the world, that usual release date was shifted. This means it could be a long time before Pokemon Coco hits theaters in the U.S., so fans are hoping it will simply make a stateside debut on Netflix.

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