Pokemon Coco Releases New Trailer Featuring Mythical Pokemon Zarude

Pokemon Coco is capping off the wildly popular Pokemon Day with a brand new teaser showing us more [...]

Pokemon Coco is capping off the wildly popular Pokemon Day with a brand new teaser showing us more of Ash Ketchum's journey through a jungle environment. With today featuring the arrival of the brand new, scary looking pocket monster named Zarude as well as the arrival of the computer generated remake of Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, Coco is hoping to make a name for itself among several drops for the long running franchise that focuses on Ash and his trusty Pikachu as they attempt to make Ketchum the greatest trainer in the world!

Zarude has made its initial appearance with a video from Pokemon Sword And Shield, showing off the strange primate looking creature unleash a number of attacks thanks to its connection to the "green". With vines wrapped around its arms, it holds a resemblance to Grookey's evolved form of Rillaboom, which the game segment showed Zarude attacking in fact! With Grookey being one of the starter Pokemon in the exclusive Nintendo Switch video game, we'll have to see if there are any other connections between the two primate pocket monsters whenever Coco arrives into theaters!

Twitter User CentroPokemon posted the new trailer that shows off the brand new locale and adds a new member of Ash's ever growing entourage:

In the current season of the anime, Ash Ketchum is journeying the world and regions old and new in order to improve his skills as a trainer. With Ash finally getting a championship win in the Alola League Tournaments, he's now joined on his quest by the young trainer Go, a fellow aspiring Pokemon collector who grew up in the same town that Ketchum had. While Go's goals align with Ash's, his ultimate plan differentiates from our favorite trainer in the fact that he is specifically looking to capture the ancient Pokemon Mew, which he encountered at a much younger age in the first episode of this new season.

During their journey, Ash and Go have come across threats from Team Rocket while also encountering brand new trainers to battle! With Pokemon Sword And Shield's Leon making his appearance, a fight between himself and Ash Ketchum is being hinted at, leading fans to feel more excited about the franchise than ever before. What elements from the series will arrive in Pokemon Coco is yet to be seen, but we're crossing our fingers that some elements of the main anime series transfers over! We're certainly excited for "Jungle Team Rocket"!

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