Pokemon Cosplay Proves Its Time For Trouble With Fem James

Pokemon has followed the story of Ash Ketchum for decades with its anime, and along with the journey of this pocket monster trainer and his right hand 'Mon in Pikachu, the series has followed the villains known as Team Rocket for just as long, with one cosplayer deciding to put a new twist on prominent member James. With Pokemon Journeys giving us a buffed-up Team Rocket that sees Jesse, James, and Meowth gaining some insane new tech that amplifies their threat levels, expect big things from the nefarious trio in the future of the franchise.

James had a very different background from the likes of Jesse and Meowth, coming from a life of affluence but eventually deciding to throw his lot in with the criminal organization that is run by the lawbreaker known as Giovanni. With Team Rocket now having the ability to summon insanely powerful Pokemon to fight by their side against Ash and his new traveling companion in Goh, the latest season of the anime has had them return time and time again to make their nefarious presence known. On top of this, Team Rocket has been shown in the marketing material for the upcoming feature-length film Pokemon: Secrets Of The Jungle, which will drop the villainous trio into the jungle alongside Ash and mysterious new characters.

Instagram Cosplayer Cutie Pie Sensei shared this unique take on one of the most recognizable villains of Pokemon's anime, who had tormented Ash Ketchum for decades alongside his tried and true friends in Jesse and Meowth:

James himself, when he was first introduced in the series, would normally rely on pocket monsters such as Koffing and Gyrados, though he definitely had trouble in taming the latter. With the new tech that gives him far more loyal Pokemon at his disposal, he is made that much more of a threat as both Ash and Goh continue to improve their skills as trainers as they navigate through the region of Galar and battle against the new locale's trainers and current champion in Leon.


What do you think of this unique take on one of Team Rocket's most popular members? Do you think we'll see James make more appearances in the anime as the series marches forward? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon!