Pokemon Journeys Censors Scene Over Obscure Hitler Allusion

Pokemon Journeys has been around for months, and the show has been a categorical success with fans. The show has done several things the franchise would have never dared to do before. Still, there are some things Pokemon Journeys has done that censors vetoed, and one of them happened in an early episode.

And the offense? Well, it might surprise you. After all, it turns out a man was censored in the show's fourth episode, and it was all because they had what many would say resembles a Hitler mustache. As in Adolph Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany and mastermind behind the holocaust of World War II.

You can check out the before-and-after images below. It turns out the fourth episode of Pokemon Journeys introduced a train station employee. The unnamed name had to help Goh and Ash with the train schedules to Galar. After all, they needed to get further into the region, but both boys got off-track when their stomachs started to rumble.

The train station clerk was a nice if not nervous man. There is nothing upsetting about him, but censors felt it was not a great idea to keep his facial hair. You can see in the left photos the man has a short mustache that barely covers the width of his nose. The short mustache combined with the employee's hair did not sit well with censors given how the style was made infamous by Hitler decades ago. In fact, this mustache style has become known as a Hitler Mustache, so it makes sense international censors flagged this imagery. And when the episode aired overseas, it seems the train clerk traded in his kempt facial hair for a clean-shaven face.


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