Pokemon Journeys Sets Up Ash's New Rivalry

Pokemon Journeys just let Ash Ketchum taste a bit of his own medicine this past week. The boy is used to winning match after match given his experienced run as a trainer. Of course, that doesn't mean he is invulnerable. That is why Ash has a new bone to pick with someone, and it turns out his beef has sparked a new rivalry between him and a gym leader from the Galar region.

The issue came to light this weekend when Pokemon Journeys put out a new episode. It was there fans watched Ash face off against Bea, the Fighting-type trainer from Galar. The heroine ended up taking on Ash in battle, but before the pair could do so, Ash was blown back when Bea insulted a friend of his.

"Remember, I've won against Korrina who's also a fighting team gym leader," Ash told Bea before their battle got underway. The Galar trainer is less than impressed as she says Korrina was hardly a threat to her.

Pokemon Journeys Ash Pikachu Anime
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

"I've battled Korrina once... she's too soft," Bea responded.


As you can imagine, Ash was quick to question Bea about her harsh words. The boy may see Korrina as an opponent, but they are not on bad terms. In fact, Korrina and Ash have become good friends since they met years ago. Bea's careless comment has made her a new enemy, and it seems like Ash will not rest now until he's taught her a thing for two about respect. And if he cannot drive home the message, we're sure Korrina could do the job just fine by herself!

What do you make of this three-way rivalry? Do you think Ash will be prepared for Bea during their next encounter? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!