'Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution' Reveals First-Look At Mew, Pikachu

This year, Pokemon plans to strike big with an anime comeback. The series will hit up theaters [...]

This year, Pokemon plans to strike big with an anime comeback. The series will hit up theaters with an all-new movie, and fans got their first look at how Mew and Pikachu will appear in the film.

According to CoroCoro Magazine, Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will be done up entirely with 3DGC. So far, fans have gotten a peek at how Mewtwo will look as the creature is titular to the project. However, Mewtwo will not be a one-Pokemon show and rely on some help from others.

As you can see below, both Mew and Pikachu will show up in the film, and they will be done in 3DCG. To the left, Mew can be found, and the legendary creature looks adorably tiny. The psychic monster has got wide blue eyes and a long slender tail. The 3DCG makes Mew look porcelain smooth, so fans are eager to see how the character looks rendered.

When it comes to Pikachu, the electric starter looks fierce in its top-right image. The creature can be seen leaping forward with its ears flared and mouth open. Pikachu's narrowed eyes make it look like the creature is about to take someone out, and fans are willing to bet Pikachu is on a mission to keep a certain Mewtwo away from its trainer.

So far, fans know very little about this upcoming Pokemon movie, but it will debut this July. The title is expected to loosely adapt the events of Pokemon: The First Movie which introduced Mewtwo to fans back in the 1990s. The film followed Ash Ketchum's squad as they traveled by boat to a mysterious manor with several other elite trainers. As it turned out, the event was a front held by Mewtwo to educate Pokemon Trainers on their wrongdoings, and the epic encounter ended with one of Pokemon's saddest (and then happiest) moments to date. So, when this movie drops in the summer, fans will want to bring tissues with them just in case.

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