New Quiz Uses Your Social Media Habits to Learn Your Pokemon Type

When it comes to Pokemon, most fans have a favorite type. For me, I have always gravitated to the [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, most fans have a favorite type. For me, I have always gravitated to the water type pocket monsters with Vaporeon being my favorite to this day. For other fans, they prefer types like electric or fairy. Of course, plenty have wondered what kind of type they most align with, so one fan has made a quiz to point out your affinity using nothing more than social media.

Thanks to Sora News 24, netizens have learned about a Japanese quiz that is starting to go viral. A fan overseas known as yeskiri decided to make a Type Quiz that is entirely based on your Twitter activity.

You can check out the quiz's translated questions below. Just be sure to be honest with yourself if you want the most accurate answer!

  • Your posts start/continue flame wars → You're a Fire Type
  • You send uptight responses to rain on other people's parades → Water Type
  • Your posts are pretty much just "LOL" → Grass Type
  • You make toxic comments → Poison Type
  • You have an account, but never post anything → Ghost Type
  • When you spot a mistake in what someone else said, you can't just let it go → Dark Type
  • You regularly get your account frozen → Ice Type
  • You like getting into arguments with other people → Fighting Type
  • You're so caught up in your own fantasies you don't realize when you're bothering others → Fairy Type
  • No matter what anyone says, your never change your ironclad opinions → Steel Type

Of course, astute fans will notice some types are missing from the quiz. The initial round of questions cover some of the more popular types, but netizens have suggested a few other questions. So if you are desperate for a new Pokemon type to join this list, let me know your question suggestions in the comments below!

What type did you wind up with? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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