Pokemon Fan Creates Perfect Team Rocket/Among Us Crossover

Pokemon has long been one of the biggest entries not just in the world of anime, but in video [...]

Pokemon has long been one of the biggest entries not just in the world of anime, but in video games as well as the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue helped put the Nintendo Gameboy on the map, and with the big new game being the multiplayer game of Among Us, and one artist has managed to smash the two franchises together with Team Rocket slapping on space suits. With Team Rocket getting ready to make their return in the anime series in an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys, the nefarious trio would work well in this game of cat and mouse!

This season of Pokemon's anime has given Jesse, James, and Meowth quite the upgrade, with their boss giving them a device that allows them to pull on the assistance of some of the strongest pocket monsters to exist in the world today. Though they have been absent from the past few episodes, Team Rocket is set to return with a plan that will see them creating a "mecha" version of Pikachu in order to steal Ash Ketchum's right hand 'Mon, and hopefully succeed wherein their past efforts had failed time and time again!

Twitter Artist Bia Cruz Art shared this impressive take on Jesse, James, and Meowth sporting space suits of their own to participate in the back stabbing game of Among Us which has players attempting to decipher the identities of the impostors before it's too late:

Among Us has been a big hit, recently gaining a ton of steam thanks in part to internet streamers bringing the game to light following its original release of 2018. While the game may be simplistic in mechanics and appearance, it has definitely found a fan base as it has become one of the most popular multiplayer games being played today. Considering Team Rocket's adeptness at deception, they would fit right into this video game world.

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