Pokemon Fan Goes Viral After Discovering Rare Charizard Card

Back in the day, the Pokemon franchise made fans want to catch 'em all, and no piece of the franchise was exempt from the demand. Whether it was the anime or video games, Pokemon wanted fans to try everything, and the trading card game was no exception. In fact, the TCG managed to draw in loads of fans back in the late 1990s, and it seems one collector is going viral after he stumbled upon a rare Charizard card from one of those first booster packs.

The whole thing began when Leonhard54YT went viral on Twitter. The voice actor and Pokemon fanatic is beset known online for his high-energy Pokemon unboxing videos. Over the years, Leonhart has found some impressive Pokemon cards while doing his unboxing videos, but fans were in for a special treat when a first-edition pack gave the fan a holographic Charizard card.

As you can see below (and the video above), Leonhart is taking things easily enough as he goes through pack after pack. The first edition cards are gorgeous as ever coming from their packs, and it will have any fan feeling nostalgic. Even Ghastly looks good in this video, but nothing compares to the Charizard which Leonhart pulls.

He is so dumbstruck by the pull that Leonhart cannot even speak after finding it. The hilarious moment ends with him putting the Charizard card in a card protector while freaking out. Of course, his reaction is relatable as first-edition holographic Charizard cards can fetch a nice price on the second hand market. If the card is rated a PSA 10, it can be worth upwards of $1,000 USD. In the past, one such card did sell for over $50,000, but the item was labeled pristine by the PSA which made that pull one of a kind. But in the end, we all know this moment between Leonhart and Charizard is priceless.

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