Primal Creator Talks Season Two Finale's Demise

Primal's second season has come to a close and should the series return for a third outing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, it will be a very different story. With the latest installment featuring a major death in the brutal epic, creator Genndy Tartakovsky took the opportunity to chat with Entertainment Weekly to talk the necessary casualty and how Primal will change in the future as a result. Needless to say, the second season didn't pull any punches when it came to Spear and Fang's most brutal battle to date.   

Warning. If you have yet to see the second season's finale of Adult Swim's Primal, be forewarned that this interview explores some major spoiler territory.

In the latest discussion with Genndy Tartakovsky, the animator discussed Spear's death and how the ending of Samurai Jack had something of an effect on the prehistoric finale: 

"After Samurai Jack and the way we ended the last season, I got a lot of flack for not giving Jack a happy ending. In my mind, he's a samurai, that's his lot in life. We can't just all be happy. For this, going into it, I had an idea of where I wanted it to go. The whole scope of the series is about [Spear's] evolution. He's kind of like the last caveman, the last Neanderthal. So his evolution, in a way, is continuing his family."

Tartakovsky then discussed how the "fire viking" was the perfect final opponent for Spear, with the caveman sacrificing himself to save his new family in Mira, Fang, and Fang's offspring:

"He's facing this villain that's supernatural powered. It's not just a creature. It's something that's beyond man. I felt like if they beat them, it's not right. So why not go out in a blaze of glory? He's doing everything to protect his family, like usual, but it's too much. You want it to be realistic, even though this is the most unrealistic show ever made. You want it to be believable character-wise. To continue on with his daughter felt like the right thing."

While a third season of Primal has yet to be confirmed, Genndy has stated that he's looking to leave Spear and Fang behind and instead attempt to transform the franchise to focus on different brutal adventures with minimal dialogue, evolving Primal from what we've come to know.

Via Entertainment Weekly