That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Surprises With Dragon Ball and Street Fighter Attacks

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime surprised fans with some awesome Dragon Ball and Street Fighter attacks in Season 2's penultimate episode! The second season returned for its second half this Summer following the debut of the first half of the new season earlier this year, and with it came some major changes for the status quo of the series as a whole. Picking up from Rimuru becoming a Demon Lord, it was soon revealed that Veldora could not only be freed but be unleashed in a full human like form as well in the midseason premiere. 

Veldora's played a key role in the second half of the new season, and this is especially true with the final episodes as he made a sudden save when Milim nearly struck Rimuru with a fatal blow. He ended up coming in handy here as he was the only one who could keep up with Milim's power, and allowed Rimuru to focus on the fight with Clayman. But when Veldora started to occupy Milim, his nerdy side started to show when he outright stole attacks from Street Fighter such as Ryu's Hadouken, Shoryuken, the Tatsumaki Senpuyaku, and even Yun's Tetzuzanko. Then there's the Dragon Ball homage, of course. Check it out below as spotted by @goboee on Twitter: 

As Veldora's final shout out to his pop culture interests, he winds up his own take on Goku's Kamehameha Wave. Unlike tributes to this attack in other franchises, this one is fully a named Dragon Ball franchise reference that allows Veldora to fully unleash this blast. During his time sitting within Rimuru in the hopes of being freed one day, Veldora had grown a fondness of the manga that Rimuru had been able to recreate from his memories. This continued to his release into the real world once more, and clearly has had an impact on his fighting style. 

As it turned out, Veldora was only using these attacks because he wasn't taking the fight seriously. Neither was Milim either as she had been pretending to be under Clayman's control the entire time, and soon the two of them reveal that this was all a plot to catch Clayman red handed in his scheme. Now Rimuru can freely focus on taking the Demon Lord down once and for all with the final episode of the season. 


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