Rick and Morty Producer Talks Negative Reactions to Season 5's Infamous Sperm Episode

Season Five of Rick And Morty has given us some of the most insane, surreal adventures of the Smith family during the history of the franchise, but there's one episode in particular that has fans torn when it comes to its overall quality. In the episode of Rickdependence Spray, both Rick and Morty found themselves staring down a disgustingly hilarious new threat and required a solution that was easily one of the most disturbing moments of the franchise that would later appear closer to the end of the fifth season of the Cartoon Network juggernaut.

In a recent podcast interview with Interdimensional RSS: The Unofficial Rick and Morty Podcast, Showrunner and Executive Producer Scott Marder broke down his thoughts on why the episode was so divisive when it came to fan response to the insane adventure that saw the Smiths struggling with a horrific result of Morty mucking around where he shouldn't:

"I like to look at Rick and Morty as like "smarts and farts." Like Harmon's the smarts and Roiland's the farts, but I think that's what's makes such a cool special sauce to this show that it could break your mind but also have the silliest like Mr. Poopybutthole character in the same scene. I'll be honest. It was a surprise to me that we had apparently lowered the bar on our "farts" in terms of people being like "too much, too crazy, too far" Okay, good to know there's a line in the sand that I didn't see.I attest that I think the episode will live to win the day cause I think it's funny. It's got a lot of jokes, but there's lessons learned by all of them. What I say to stuff like that cause that one's obviously gotten a lot of critique is that like I'm not going to let such negative feedback make me pull punches and not keep trying to swing for the fences cause I want to give everyone the most organic, edgy sort of experimental stuff that we can do in the [writer's room]. "  

The episode came to a close with Rick employing the assistance of underground horse people, definitely proving to be one of the wildest installments of the animated series to date.


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