Rick and Morty Producer Explains What Makes the Decoy Episode So Unique

Rick And Morty's fifth season has come to a close and with several revelations being revealed about the world of Adult Swim's most popular original series, we also had the opportunity to see the origin of Rick Sanchez and what led him to create the Citadel that united countless alternate reality versions of both members of the Smith family. Earlier in the season, the Smith clan found themselves struggling with several "decoy" versions of themselves, who were all attempting to figure out which version was the real family, by eliminating one another from the map.

In a recent podcast for Interdimensional RSS: The Unofficial Rick and Morty Podcast, the executive producer and showrunner of the series, Scott Marder, took the opportunity to break down why the Decoy Episode of Rick and Morty was so different from what had come before and how the anthology style of the episode was able to set itself apart:

"That one, for me, I just love that it's such...a fresh take on anthology because we can do basically sketches but because they're all Ricks, and they're all Mortys, and they're all the family, we can actually carry a narrative through it even though they're not the same people all the way through. Just felt like a cool thing that was unique to our show that we were able to kind of do both."

Season Five of Rick And Morty came to a close with the Citadel being a very different place than when it was first introduced, with Evil Morty apparently unveiling his major scheme that he had been planning since he had first appeared in season one. Though we have yet to hear when the series will return for its sixth season, with numerous seasons already confirmed for the juggernaut Adult Swim series, the creative minds behind it have already gone on record and stated that it will arrive far sooner than the time between previous seasons.

At its heart, this latest season of Rick And Morty focused on the idea of loss, with Morty having his heartbroken for the first time, the audience seeing Rick's tragic backstory, and the grandfather and grandson duo attempting to figure out what was best for them and whether that meant partnering with one another on crazy adventures any more. Needless to say, the season was as introspective as it was hilarious.


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