Rick and Morty Just Went Full Horror With Season 6's Newest Episode

Rick and Morty has been impressing fans with how it's been digging into each of the characters in Season 6's new episodes so far, but the newest episode of the series has brought the family together for a new adventure! The newest season of the Adult Swim animated series kicked off with an explosive new status quo following all of the shifts from the end of the fifth season, and has been focusing on each of the members of the family as they have highlighted new parts of their personalities. But the series had yet to get the all on the same page this season. 

This was the major promise leading into Rick and Morty's fourth episode of the new season as it teased that Rick would be injecting the Smith Family with some kind of material that would move their bodies at night while they were asleep. With the new season not yet having the Smith Family all join the same kind of wacky adventure, it was an intriguing premise that would hopefully result in a wacky episodic adventure where we'd get to see this new Smith Family on the same page. Read on for a breakdown of everything important that happened in Episode 4 of Rick and Morty Season 6, "Night Family": 

(Photo: Adult Swim)
  • Beth has trouble sleeping, so she decides to sleep on the couch. It's here she's scared by Rick, who's unresponsive but is doing sit ups while in some sort of trance. Bringing it up to him the next day, Rick explains that this is actually his "night person" in which he injects himself with a machine that activates his body to do things he wants to get done while he sleeps (like doing crunches). Rick then gives the rest of his family a night person after Summer passive aggressively teases him about it. 
  • A few days have passed and it's revealed that Summer has learned Spanish, Beth has learned how to play the trumpet, and Morty and Rick have given themselves abs. The two of them have started a podcast to celebrate their new fitness. Meanwhile, Jerry has been writing letters to his night version of himself so that he can read them during the day. Then when seeing the Night Family active, each of them heads into their various activities. 
  • This includes doing chores and more all while a creepy vibe passes at night. During the day they don't even acknowledge anything as Rick and Morty continue their new fitness podcast. Jerry reveals that Night Summer has been asking the day family to help ease cleaning the dishes, but Rick denies it as the Night Family's purpose is to do the tasks their assigned. But the next day, it's revealed that the Night Family broke all the dishes. Heading to the Forbidden Zone, Rick forges a a set of "110% Indestructible" plates. 
  • The next day the rest of the Night Family straps Rick down and wakes him up and asks him to rinse the dishes, and Night Summer reveals that she's in charge. It's here the Night Family holds Rick down and Night Summer force feeds him the dirty dishes and she reveals she's been lurking within Summer's mind all along waiting to take over the day time too. But confronting Summer during the day doesn't result in anything constructive, in fact the Night Family has stripped the house of all their belongings and tech. 
  • That night Rick sets up a plan for Summer to infiltrate the night family and she's in a sleep deprivation suit to make sure she stays awake. It's low rent and she needs to stay awake through the night in order to get her plan off the ground successfully. During the night Summer walks through the house and sees the night family continuing to mess with Rick's gear in the garage. They're forging some kind of machine that would extend the night family machine's range, and she attempts to destroy it. 
  • When Rick lowers his guard, it's revealed that Night Summer had tricked the others and is now awake during the day. Taking the family hostage, she activates Rick's low tech machines (that he had made to defend them using the remaining technology available) to hit them with tranquilizer darts. After the commercial break, it's revealed that Night Summer has taken over for several days and taken all of the family captured. Meanwhile, Jerry's still trying to communicate with Night Jerry. 
  • Soon Night Jerry actually wakes up the day family and helps them, but when they try to escape Rick's ship is rigged to explode. They begin driving away to escape the night family machine's range before they fall asleep and are under its control again, but during all of it Morty is hit by a tranquilizer dart and falls asleep. Night Summer is hot on their trail meanwhile, and Rick is soon knocked out by Night Morty and turns into Night Rick too. Jeryr bites Morty to wake him up, and soon Beth falls asleep too. 
  • It soon becomes a mix of each of them quickly falling asleep and waking up just as easily, and after continuing the chase the Smith Family reunites awake and in their vehicle. Summer is still poked by a nearby tranq dart and sends them careening into a ditch where the family quickly fights and mixes between day and night versions. Night Jerry tries to get them to stop fighting, and Night Summer agrees to a truce but all Rick needs to do is rinse his dishes. Naturally, he refuses and becomes a Night Person too as the family drives off into the sunset. 
  • The credits roll as the Night Family is shown to have all sorts of adventures together while still in their trance, and following the credits, the Night Family struggles to deal with all of the usually family life and goes broke while not paying their bills. It's here that Night Rick then opts to shoot the night person machine and frees them all from their stupor. Only to find in horror that the Choco Taco has been discontinued. 

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