Rick and Morty Season 6 Had One of Jerry's Best Episodes Yet

Rick and Morty has been exploring a new status quo for the Smith Family with the first few episodes of Season 6 so far, and after the surprising Jerry reveal during the premiere episode the surprises are set to continue as Jerry made his return to the Jerryboree for a very unexpected reason! The sixth season really threw Jerry for a loop when a long held fan theory was confirmed to be the case as he was switched out with another Jerry very early on in the series. This reminded fans all about Jerryboree, and the newest episode made use of that reminder with a revisit.

First appearing in the second season episode "Mortynight Run," the Jerryboree was introduced as a place where Rick could drop of their Jerrys at a daycare like center. When Jerry returns to the location at the end of the Season 6 episode, "Bethic Twinstinct," it's revealed that he actually wanted to return in order to explore one of the fantasies he had recently acquired about having a physical connection with himself much like Beth and her clone had in the episode. You can check out the scene in question below as released by Adult Swim

"Bethic Twinstinct" was deemed as one of the oddest episodes of the series by far according to fans, and it's hard not to see why it got such a reaction as Beth and her Space Beth clone ended up having a physically intimate relationship. Jerry's point of view on things revealed that he was really only upset at the situation because it was done behind his back, and ultimately all of that seemed to have brought the three of them to a healthy new place in their lives. So healthy in fact that it got Jerry curious about himself. 

At the same time, this is also a Jerry that has been evolving just as much as the rest of the Smith Family through the course of his time with the series so far. It's a Jerry who is far removed from the angry and callous Jerry seen in the earlier seasons, and ultimately more removed from the more pathetic version of the character seen before. It's a Jerry who'd even think to experiment in this way, and it's a Jerry that could lead to some fun new moments in the future. 

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