Rick and Morty Season 6 Makes Morty a King in Newest Episode

Rick and Morty is now rounding out the final two episodes of the sixth season, and Episode 9 of Season 6 took Morty on a medieval knights adventure! The sixth season kicked off with the surprising promise that not only would we get to see more attention paid to the overall lore of the series, but that each of the characters would be going through their own periods of growth as they adjusted to a new status quo following the events of the fifth season. But noticeably, this has meant a lack of fuller Morty stories beyond what we saw in the first two episodes. 

Morty might have largely taken a backseat through the events of Rick and Morty Season 6 so far, but Episode 9 had rectified this by putting him dead center in the midst of a new adventure that he really didn't want to be a part of. But as fans know well enough by now, that was really the first hook in what turned out to be a major penultimate episode. Here's the breakdown of everything important that happened in "A Rick in King Mortur's Court":

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What Happens in Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 9? 

  • Rick and Morty are waiting in line for a pop up restaurant, but soon Rick refuses to wait in line while Morty fights back against him as he thinks Rick is just being selfish. Approached by a pair of knights when they drop a piece of food, the two of them are so impressed by Morty trying to return the food that they offer him to join the Knights of the Sun. One of them offers a sword, which Morty refuses because he doesn't know what they're about. But when he decides to take it, the knight who gave it to him kills himself with it. Morty's then transferred to a new place through some kind of magic. 
  • Following the opening credits, Morty's revealed to be taken to a kingdom on the sun as they celebrate Morty becoming one of the knights. It's revealed that they are able to survive the scorching sun thanks to their indestructible, they don't die, and have a lot of freedom to do whatever they want as long as they fight for the honor as the sun. Morty agrees to becoming a knights after hearing all of this, but slows down when they ask him to cut off his privates and throw it into the sun. 
  • Rick soon arrives to save Morty, but Morty's threatened to a duel because he can't leave. Rick decides to have Morty do it to leave, and gives him a sword that's seen the movie Blade and learns as it fights to make it stronger. Morty soon wins the duel, and becomes the king of the sun. Morty uses his new role to order his own vacation, and when they get back, Morty waits for Rick to talk trash about his decisions. But Rick refuses to do so. 
  • Rick admits how much he's been lowered in Morty's mind, and will be treating him kinder for the rest of the episode. All the while, Morty's still being accompanied by the rest of the knights. The rest of the Smith Family tries to break down what they mean but because their understanding of science is so lacking, they can't really connect the dots and give up their jobs. But soon after Morty pushes one more time, the Knights of the Sun lose their faith and give up completely. 
  • Soon it's revealed that the sun is going out of control, and is actually being attacked by invading forces that are other knight orders from the other planets. Rick tries to support Morty's decision throughout this adventure, and when Morty fails to get the other orders to back down, they try to fight him over the scepter of the sun to become the dominant order in the universe. This kicks off a huge war between the planets that sees the various planets each take control of the scepter of the sun. 
  • The planets fight over it with each of them getting the scepter with advancements in magic, weapons, and more. It nails down Rick and Morty on Earth while they're trying to protect it, and while Rick is trying to support him, Morty can't help but guess whether this is some way he's messing with him. Rick asserts that he's just trying to do right by Morty by constantly supporting him, and thus Morty tries to recruit the Knights of the Sun once more. 
  • But it's soon revealed that each of the knights have gotten hooked to heroine, and it turns out they can't overdose due to their invincible body. But when they refuse, Morty offers to cut off his privates to help sway them to his cause. Morty starts crying about having to cut off his privates, and Rick helps him by giving him fake privates in order to help him out of this mess. Soon, each of the knights decide to end their war once the knights of the sun are involved once more. 
  • To clinch the final agreement, Morty needs to cut off his privates. He needs to prove that it's real by getting into a machine, and then two more when they figure out his fake privates. As this all fails, Rick contacts Morty telepathically (through his science) and they try to run out of there. He reveals to Morty that he's proud for trying to solve it himself, and they tell each other they love one another before jumping into the lava. 
  • As the knights tell the story of what happened after, it's clear that they just pulled another Vat of Acid trick. But after checking up on the society, it's revealed that everything's worked out for the better. Following the credits, the vendor who was selling snacks to Rick was arrested. It turns out it was a part of a major hot dog trafficking ring. 

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