Viral 'Robot Chicken' Anime Skit Reminds Everyone of the Importance of 'Inuyasha'

Inuyasha is a seminal work, both the anime and manga. While the anime's been off the air for years [...]

Inuyasha is a seminal work, both the anime and manga. While the anime's been off the air for years now, a fan recently shared an old Robot Chicken skit that emphasizes just how important and life-changing the anime really can be, no matter the age.

You can check out the viral tweet below by Twitter user Kyojinsenshu. As previously noted, it includes a brief skit from an older episode of Robot Chicken that really hones in on the true power of Inuyasha. (We've also included the official upload of the skit above.)

"Early Robot Chicken was the [greatest of all time]," the tweet reads. The skit included comes from a 2009 Robot Chicken episode, "But Not in That Way." Other interludes from the same episode include takes on The Giving Tree, Stephen King, and Punky Brewster.

Though it's brief, the Robot Chicken clip basically shows an entire lifetime for an unusual anime fan. Things start off pretty calmly with what appears to be a child watching Inuyasha while their father looks on with disdain. As time goes on, however, the father becomes increasingly obsessed with the show to the point where they drive around to multiple stores looking for physical media of the franchise. Eventually, it culminates in some sketchy cosplay and, for lack of a better term, LARPing. It's... a lot.

Inuyasha is a fantastical period piece by Rumiko Takahashi that follows the story of high school girl Kagome Higurashi. In it, Kagome finds herself thrown into the feudal era where she discovers her connection to a late priestess named Kikyo. Charged with protecting a relic known as the Sacred Jewel, Kagome teams up with a half-demon named Inuyasha who covets its power, and the manga details their journeys through Japan as they attempt to piece together the powerful gem. The series was adapted to a popular anime that ran for a number of years, ultimately covering the entire run of the manga.