SPY x FAMILY Reportedly Getting an Anime

Tatsuya Endo's SPY x FAMILY made its debut last year, but has been such a big hit that an anime [...]

Tatsuya Endo's SPY x FAMILY made its debut last year, but has been such a big hit that an anime adaptation is reportedly already in the works. Starting its bi-weekly production in Shonen Jump+ last Spring, the series has already hit a massive sales milestone with over three million copies in circulation as of last May. An anime project for the series only makes sense considering how well the manga has been received thus far, but it might be a while before we actually see an adaptation for this series coming to fruition.

A new report from YonkouProductions (who you can find on Twitter here), who has reported several major anime adaptations before they were officially announced, notes that an anime for SPY x FAMILY is currently being planned. But while that's good news, the bad news part of the report is that it's apparently going to be "a while away."

Naturally, take this report with a healthy amount of salt until word on an anime adaptation for Tatsuki Endo's SPY x FAMILY is officially given one way or the other. An anime for this series just makes a ton of sense, however. The series has been a huge hit with fans because it hits so many of the demographics across the board with just its premise alone.

SPY x FAMILY follows a super spy codenamed Twilight, who is tasked with building a fake family in order to get information from his next target. To do so he needs a child to enroll in a prestigious school, and ends up adopting a young telepath named Anya. The two of them eventually bring the assassin Yor in to act as the mother for this fake family, and only the young Anya is aware of everyone's secret lives!

This blend of mystery, spy action, adorable character designs, and hilarious comedy makes for a great read...but that's also why an anime is going to take a while if it does happen. It's bi-weekly schedule means not even 30 chapters have been released as of this writing, so there definitely needs to be a bit more material to fill out a potential 12 episode seasonal run.

What do you think? Would you watch an official SPY x FAMILY anime series? Would you prefer it taking on original stories and potentially release faster? Or would it be better to wait a bit before more manga is release to hit TV screens? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!