New Studio Ghibli Statue Highlights The Adorable Nature Of Totoro

Studio Ghibli is looking to release its next big anime feature length film later this year, using CG animation to bring the adaptation of Earwig And The Witch to life, but it seems as if the legendary animation house is revisiting its past with this brand new statue that has been erected in Japan that recreate the characters of My Neighbor Totoro! The movie, which remains one of Ghibli's most popular films decades after its initial release, proving that the story and characters of this animated endeavor remain timeless for both fans of anime and cinema fans in general!

My Neighbor Totoro, for readers that have somehow not seen the one of the best anime movies of all time, follows a family that moves to the countryside in order to be closer to their ailing mother, and in doing so run into some colorful supernatural characters. The statue in question in Japan was erected in the city near Tokyo of Tokorozawa, and manages to show off some of the most memorable characters of the Studio Ghibli hit ranging from the human protagonists to the disturbing Cat Bus that remains one of the most iconic figures of the film!

Twitter Accounts took to social media to share the arrival of the My Neighbor Totoro statue, along with several varying photos of the new creation that honors one of Ghibli's biggest properties during its time of creating classic anime titles:

Studio Ghibli isn't just working on one new movie in Earwig And The Witch, but plans on having another movie ready to go in the near future with the anime adaptation of the Japanese novel of "How Do You Live?', which most assuredly won't be similar to the likes of Totoro and Spirited Away!


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