New Dragon Ball Synopsis Lays Out "All Out War' Between Goku and Beerus

Dragon Ball fans are always down for a good fight, and it seems Goku is ready to take on Beerus for a turn. The pair have become decent friends following their first skirmish years ago, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes is changing that. The promotional anime has a new episode out teasing their showdown, and an all-new synopsis confirms their feud isn't going to end soon.

Earlier today, the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes went live, and it was there Goku found himself pitted against a friend. The hero was out training with Vegeta as he often does, but things got tense when a golden bird appeared before them. The creature was being chased by the Gods of Destruction, and Beerus attempted to annihilate thee bird. Of course, Goku was not a fan of the move, so he stepped in to save Tokitoki which angered Beerus. And thanks to a new season two blurb, fans know Goku and Beerus are about to go to war.

Twitter user DBSChronicles decided to share an English translation of the synopsis with followers online. As you can read below, Goku and his gang have insulted the Gods of Destruction by getting in their way, so it falls to Beerus to correct them.

"Goku and Co. confront Beerus in an all-out war, but they're nothing before his mighty power," the synopsis reads.

As you can see, Goku and Beerus are about to fight for real, and fans are ready to see how it all plays out. Back in the first arc of Dragon Ball Super, they watched as Beerus obliterated Goku, but the Saiyan held on strong after getting his God mode. He may not have beaten the God of Destruction outright, but this PR anime will give Goku another shot to show his power. But if this new synopsis tells us anything, well - it is that we should not get too excited about Goku's prospects here.


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