Super Dragon Ball Heroes to Revive Two Dragon Ball Z Villains

Dragon Ball has introduced more villains in the past than fans can count. From the anime to the video games, there are plenty of baddies to love if you know where to look. Of course, Goku has dispatch quite a few of these villains to the afterlife, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes isn't letting anything get in its way. It turns out two bad guys from Dragon Ball Z are about to show up and yes, you better take a guess at their identities now.

After all, it isn't like fans would jump at the guess. The episode title for the next Super Dragon Ball Heroes release did confirm it; Turles and Bojack are primed for a big comeback!

dragon ball goku turles

For those who do not recall the pair, Turles is likely thee one you'll remember the best. The older Saiyan is the secret brother of Goku, and he is way eviler than Raditz. The Saiyan became a rogue soldier under the Freeza Force so he could work on his own agenda. Becoming a sort of space-pirate, Turles began to conquer planets for himself and formed the Turles Crusher Corps who could do his bidding.

Of course, it didn't take long before Turles found Earth, and he challenged Goku for the land in the film Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might. Turles was finished at the end of the movie, but Goku had other baddies to face in his future. One of these was Bojack, the leader of the Galaxy Soldiers. The alien acted as the central villain in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound. Bojack has few other dreams aside from conquering the universe, but Goku was not about to let the baddie see his goal fulfilled.


Now, these two are set to return to the Dragon Ball Universe, and they will go up against Universe 7 once more. But if Goku is near when they reappear, well - it is safe to say the pair will not be around for long.

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