Sword Art Online Shows Off Asuna v Alice Fight

Sword Art Online's third season has been unfolding in a much different way than the previous two seasons as the anime tackles the longest arc in the original light novel series to date, Alicization. But while this arc is much darker and bloodier tales in the series so far, some things in the anime haven't exactly changed as Kirito still has several women fighting over him. In the case of the latest episode of the series, it's quite literal as now that Asuna has made her official debut in the Underworld things are starting to shake-up.

Episode 10 of War of Underworld brought Asuna and Kirito back together after getting forced apart by the attack on Kirito at the beginning of Season 3, and Asuna being so clingy to Kirito wasn't exactly sitting well with Alice at first who introduced herself to Asuna by attacking her.

With Asuna now logged into the Underworld as the Goddess Stacia, she was finally able to see Kirito's current comatose condition for herself. But immediately after reuniting with Kirito, she's met by Alice who attacks her for getting close. She's been defending Kirito ever since their battle with Administrator left him like this, so she feels especially close to him. When Alice asks why Asuna went near Kirito, Asuna surprisingly responds with, "Because Kirito belongs to me."

The two of them have equal swordsmanship skills for the most part, but unfortunately their fight does not last for long before Bercouli breaks them up. The two of them soon realize they had a misunderstanding, but Alice doesn't exactly relent Kirito's side to Asuna either. It's clear that Alice is protective of him as Asuna is, and a true rivalry begins to form between the two.

Later in the episode, Alice and Asuna soon get along by trading Kirito stories. But this is brought on when they compete with one another in terms of how close they are with Kirito. Alice brags that she fought alongside him for a whole night and has been defending him for nearly a year, and Asuna mentions how they fought alongside one another for two years before dating. So while Kirito is currently struggling, he still has powerful allies at his side for when he returns.


If you wanted to jump back into the series, you can currently find Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, and Hulu. The first 20 plus episodes of the third season are all available as well!