The Ancient Magus' Bride West Boy And The Knight Of The Blue Storm Shares New Poster

The Ancient Magus' Bride is certainly one of the stranger stories in the medium of anime, following a young girl that goes to extreme lengths to find a home of her own. Putting herself up for auction, Chise is purchased by a terrifying looking sorcerer who is far more than he seems. With this fall seeing the return of the anime via a new original video animation, the next chapter in the story that mimics Beauty And The Beast has released a new poster.   

The original series was put together by Wit Studio, who had previously worked on the first three seasons of Attack on Titan and recently gained even more notoriety with the fan-favorite series, The Ranking of Kings, but this upcoming project won't see Wit in the driver's seat once again. Rather, Studio Kafka, a fledgling studio that was actually created for the express purpose of working on the property of The Ancient Magus' Bride, will be handling animation duties. 

In an interview with Crunchyroll, one of the founding members of Kafka, Kouichi Naruse, discussed the formation of this new animation studio:

"When the new project for The Ancient Magus' Bride started last year, Studio Kafka was established because I wanted to create a studio that was dedicated to it. I've always wanted to have my own production company, so the timing was perfect. When I first started working in this field, I had such a great time working on a project with Mr. Abiru and Mr. Terasawa. I had always wanted to create something with them again, so I asked them if they would join me."

The Official Twitter Account for the upcoming series shared a new look at the poster to get fans hyped for the arrival of West Boy and the return of the Ancient Magus and his bride:

The official description of the upcoming OVA series, according to Crunchyroll, reads as such:

"Gabriel is an ordinary boy who just moved from London and was bored with his surrounding, until one day, he saw a wisp of purple smoke from the window of his house. At that time, he hurriedly chased the smoke, looking for any kind of freedom and fun. Though they should not, the world of boys and wizards soon intersect… Meanwhile, in the middle of an uncommon regular day, where Elias is helping Chise prepare to head to the college, Spriggan arrives at the mansion on a seemingly creepy horse with a grim message, "the appearance of the ghost hunting corps. this time is very odd."