The Prince of Tennis Releases Character Posters for New CG Movie

The Prince of Tennis has released character posters for its new 3DCG animated movie! Following an anime comeback exploring some of the series' best matches in the past couple of years, Takeshi Konomi's original manga series will be coming back with a brand new revival film, Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis. Originally announced for a release Spring 2020 in Japan before being delayed to its new release in Fall 2021, the film was surprisingly confirmed to be a 3DCG animated feature -- a first for the franchise. Now we have gotten a closer peek at the characters' updated looks.

Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis is currently scheduled for a release September 21st in Japan, and will feature original creator Konomi as executive producer as the new film fills in the gap between The Prince of Tennis and the New Prince of Tennis sequel. The film's official Twitter account confirmed returning cast additions from the anime along with sharing closer looks at each of the character's makeovers, and you can find them below. First is a closer look at Ryoma Echizen (as Junko Minagawa returns to voice the hero).

Next is Nanjiro Echizen (with a returning Takashi Matsuyama as the voice):

Third is Kunimitsu Tezuko (with a returning Ryotaro Okiayu):

Fourth is Keigo Atobe (with a returning Junichi Suwabe):


And finally, Mikako Takahashi returns as Sakuno Ryuzaki:

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