Burn the Witch Anime Visuals Reportedly Surface Online

Before being canceled amidst the coronavirus pandemic, AnimeJapan 2020 was going to host a new wave of anime announcements. One of the major ones fans had their eyes on was a special presentation celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Tite Kubo's Bleach. This presentation not only teased more news about a special Bleach project, but teased news of what Kubo would be working on next. Thankfully, we'll find out for sure soon enough as this official presentation will now be livestreamed to fans around the world within the next day or so. But many of these announcements have already had the Internet stirring.

Reports of these announcements from the event include a new Bleach anime, and among many other projects, tease that Tite Kubo's Burn the Witch one-shot would be getting an anime adaptation. Neither of these announcements have been officially confirmed by Shueisha, but new surfaced visuals seem to tease otherwise.

As spotted by @AIR_News01 on Twitter, Burn the Witch is getting an official anime production and the first poster (still unconfirmed) and visuals tease some of the standouts from the one-shot Kubo launched back in 2018. With the anime still not officially announced, details about its production are still unknown as of this writing.

Kubo's Burn the Witch one-shot ended with a mysterious tease that it was connected to the extended universe of Bleach. Taking place in the world of "Reverse London" as it follows two witches, Noel and Spangle, as they work for the Wing Bind Agency that turned out to be the official Western Branch of the Soul Society. This was the first original project Kubo had released since Bleach's end, so it was an exciting pilot for sure.


There have been no updates on what Kubo was working on next, and fans are hoping Burn the Witch gets a full series at some point. If the one-shot is indeed getting an anime production, then perhaps this bodes well for an official continuation of this story. With Kubo set to officially announce and hopefully confirm some previous reports, there could be plenty of good news to go around.

What did you think of Kubo's Burn The Witch one-shot? Is it something you want to see flesh out in a full series? Would you watch the anime adaptation of this new series? What are you hoping to see announced from Kubo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!