Violet Evergarden Film Release Indefinitely Postponed

It's with heavy hearts that we report that the upcoming release of the anticipated Violet Evergarden film has been delayed indefinitely. Though the spin-off feature Violet Evergarden: Gaiden - Eternity and Auto Memory Doll was finished prior to the terrible arson incident that took place at Kyoto Animation Studio and released recently in Japan, the former film was originally set for January of next year. While not a lot of detail was released as to why this upcoming release has been delayed, it is most likely due recovery for the animation house following the attack.

Twitter User PHJD8I8 shared a recent trailer as well as the news from the anime's official website, releasing the news that the film would be released at a later date than January of next year:

While all the details for the upcoming film haven't been released, we're sure more details will be released by Kyoto as a release date is eventually revealed. With the support of the industry and fans alike, Kyoto has managed to rally following the arson incident and everyone is sure to understand and empathize with the delay.

(Photo: Kyoto Animation)

Originally started in 1981, Kyoto Animation Studio has become known worldwide for its work on creating popular anime television series such as K-On!, Free!, Full Metal Panic, and more. It has also created a number of animated films such as A Silent Voice, K-On! The Movie, and Free! Take Your Marks to name a few. Noted as the "first successful animation studio outside of Tokyo," Kyoto Animation has a long history within the industry and we hope that its history will continue into the future. Founded by Yoko Hatta and Hideaki Hatta, the company proceeded to become an LLC in 1985 and then a corporation years later in 1999. One of the studio's apparent strengths according to experts was its "sensitivity to the wonders and quandaries of every day life."


If you wanted to check out the anime for yourself, you can currently stream Violet Evergarden's 13 episode run on Netflix. For those unfamiliar the series, it tells the story of Violet, a girl who was used as a human weapon in a war that ended not long ago. Working in a post office to recover, Violet learns about new tech called Auto Memory Dolls. The special items help convert thoughts and even memories into words. After being told something strange during the war, Violet hopes to discover the words' true meaning through the Auto Memory Dolls, leading the heroine on a rather unexpected journey.

Violet Evergarden originally began as a series of light novels written by Kana Akatsuki with illustrations provided by Akiko Takase. Published under Kyoto Animation's KA Esuma Bunko imprint, the series had won the grand prize during the fifth Kyoto Animation Awards in the novel category. This marked the first time that a series won a grand prize in any of the Award's three subsequent categories (novel, scenario, and manga).