'Dragon Ball' Series To Share Episodes On Youtube

If you need a way to get hooked on Dragon Ball, then you are in luck. The folks behind the long-running anime are about to kick off a deal with Youtube, and it will help newcomers get a taste of what Goku has to offer.

Over on Twitter, Toei Animation confirmed it will be adding a slew of episodes to Youtube for free. A post was made by Dragon Ball's 30th anniversary page announcing that each of its shows' premieres will be put up on Youtube.

"To celebrate the opening of the official DB site, the first episodes of DB/Z/GT/Kai/Super will be put up on Toei's 60th anniversary YouTube channel," fan-translator Todd Blankenship explained.

So far, it looks like only one episode has been posted by Toei Animation. The premiere of Dragon Ball was uploaded to the channel about a year ago, and it has accumulated 1.9 million views. The 60th Anniversary channel was made by Toei to show off its classic titles, and Sailor Moon also has its premiere up on the site.

Unfortunately, the episodes are not subbed for English-speaking fans. The version uploaded to Youtube just has the original Japanese audio.


If you want to watch the first Dragon Ball anime, then you do have options. Hulu has the anime up in its entirety; You can binge all 153 episodes of Dragon Ball subbed through the website using a free trial or paid subscription. Funimation also streams Dragon Ball on its online service, but fans will have to pay up for that one. However, for the extra fee, fans will be able to watch every Dragon Ball anime title in either sub or dub.

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