RADWIMPS, the Band Behind Your Name, Comes Under Fire Over Controversial Tweets

The movie Your Name is one of the most beloved, and successful, anime movies of recent memory, following two time travelling lovers as they attempt to connect with one another in the face of a devastating tragedy, but it seems as if the band responsible for many of the songs of the film, RADWIMPS, are in hot water for some controversial tweets. The tweets in question, shared by the band's front man in Yojiro Noda, got a lot of push back from fans, causing the singer to retract his statement and state that he was "kidding".

The Tweet itself was translated to the following from Yojiro Noda's social media account:

"I've talked about this before, but I think there should be a national project to determine the spouses of people with monster genes like Shohei Ohtani, Sōta Fujii, and Mana Ashida."

RADWIMPS first debuted in 2003, creating music for both Your Name and Weathering With You, though their future in making theme songs for projects in the future will certainly be called into question thanks to this controversial social media post.

Your Name and Weathering With You were both directed by Makoto Shinkai, who was able to create romantic stories that blend ordinary citizens with supernatural aspects that include time travelling in one case and the manipulation of weather in the latter. While a new project for Shinkai has yet to be announced, we would imagine that it will hit the same levels of story telling that was presented in his previous two films.


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