A Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Really Entered a Tournament Once with a 2000+ Card Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh prides itself on strategy, and the franchise has done its best to never lose sight of that tenant. Whether the anime or card game is in question, fans should be able to follow a strategy when it comes to the brand. Of course, there are plenty of people who like to poke holes in that logic, but there is one Yu-Gi-Oh fan who took it to the next level with a truly insane card deck you will have to see to believe.

The story goes a little something like this... Over on Reddit, a discussion has resurfaced about a heralded figure in the trading card community. The German player did not know he would go down in infamy like he has, but that is what happened after he hit up a local tournament with a staggering 2,222 card deck.

And yes, you did read that right. The player entered the contest with a 2,000+ card deck and couldn't be disqualified for it as there was no deck limit at the time of entry.

Largest Deck from r/yugioh

As the story goes, the Yu-Gi-Oh player entered the event with their massive card deck in a clear box. It was so large that two people had to hold it on their shoulders, and they were allowed to duel according to the rules. It seems as if their strategy was to simply shuffle their opponent to boredom or something along those lines.

For anyone thinking it is a joke, plenty of firsthand accounts have come out from other tournament attendees. One such person goes by nimrodhellfire on Reddit, and they said the entire tournament burst into laughter whenever the player would reveal their deck.

"I was sitting at table 169 and Maik was sitting at table 171. We also did run a few tournaments together and were roommates at Austrain Nationals several times. He was Head Judge, I was Head of Coverage," the fan shared.


As it turns out, the Yu-Gi-Oh player chose to drop out after a few rounds after being gently asked to stop. Now, Konami has made it a rule that no Yu-Gi-Oh deck in competition can be over 60 cards, but fans can take heart knowing someone before them tested the card game to its very limit with a beastly set of cards.

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