Batman: The Animated Series Introduces Azrael With a New Set of Bat-Armor

The story of Batman: The Animated Series continues in the pages of Batman: The Adventures Continue. The series is introducing Batman characters who never made it into the original cartoon. Jason Todd is lurking on rooftops, Batman is fighting Deathstroke, and soon even the Batman Who Laughs will appear. In the latest installment of the digital-first series, a fan-favorite character from the 1990s get in on the action. Azrael makes his DC Animated Universe debut, and the former Batman even gets to don his signature Batman armor. SPOILERS for Batman: The Adventures Chapter 7 by Alan Brunett, Paul Dini, Ty Templeton, and Monica Kubira follow.

The new issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue starts with a familiar scene as Batman chases Catwoman across Gotham's rooftops. Their chase is interrupted by another character with a theatrical costume and a flaming sword interjecting. Azrael fights Batman, who steps in to protect Selina from the violent vigilante. By the time the fight ends, Batman recognizes something familiar about Gotham's new arrival.

He's not shocked when he finds Azrael waiting for him in the Batcave. It seems Batman has a history with Azrael, a.k.a. Jean-Paul Valley. Azrael is a knight of the order of St. Dumas, a religious sect devoted to ruthless justice. Based on the conversation between the two characters, it sounds like Bruce Wayne trained at St. Dumas, but never committed to their faith-based mission. He and Jean-Paul fought together long enough that they recognized each other by fighting style even with their masks covering their faces.

Batman agrees to help Azrael in his mission. To make it clear that they're on the same side, Batman crafts some Bat-themed armor to replace Azrael's cloaked appearance. Fans of the 1990s Batman comics may recognize this armor as Azrael's Batman costume from when he took Bruce Wayne's place after the "Knightfall" storyline.

Azrael may now look like Batman, but he doesn't like Batman. Their conversation with the Penguin takes a turn for the violent, which puts the two Batmans in an awkward position by the issue's end.

Batman TAS Azrael
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Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter 7 is available digitally now. It will be released as part of the print issue Batman: The Adventures Continue #4 in September.

Batman: The Adventures Continue #4
(W) Paul Dini, Alan Burnett (A) Ty Templeton (CA) Dave Johnson

A new type of vengeance comes to Gotham City! The flaming sword of Azrael burns through the city in search of a stolen artifact from the Church of St. Dumas. Can Batman protect his home from Azrael's fury? And who would be looking for the resurrecting powers of the Shawl of Madelyn in the first place?


In Shops: Sep 02, 2020

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