Batman Who Laughs Coming to Batman the Animated Series Collection

What do you get when cross one of DC's most consistently popular Batman franchises over the past [...]

What do you get when cross one of DC's most consistently popular Batman franchises over the past 30 years with one of its most popular new creations in comics lore? You get The Batman Who Laughs in the style of Batman The Animated Series, a new action figure set to arrive later this year. DC Collectibles revealed the figure today, announcing an October 7 release date and $30 price point for the figure which stands at 6.75". Artist Ty Templeton, who has worked extensively in the world of Batman The Animated Series, designed the figure. UPDATE: The figure is available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth.

The Batman Who Laughs made his comics debut in the Dark Nights: Metal event as the leader of the "Dark Knights of the Multiverse," corrupted versions of Batman themed after other DC characters like The Flash, Aquaman, Ares, and Doomsdate. As his name implies, The Batman Who Laughs is a Joker-ized version of The Dark Knight and described by creator Scott Snyder as "Batman's worst nightmare come to life." The character became notable for having a herd of chained up "Rabid Robins" that accompanied him, though it does not appear that these character will be turned into action figures in the same visual style.

It was announced last week that DC will publish the six-issue, digital-first miniseries Batman: The Adventures Continue starting in May, bringing in characters and concepts "never before seen in the beloved animated shows." Though it remains to be seen if this Animated Series version of The Batman Who Laughs will appear in the comic series, it's certainly a possibility. The series will be co-written by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett with Templeton on art.

batman who laughs animated
(Photo: DC Collectibles)

"Fans familiar with the Batman of The New Batman/Superman Adventures will be right up to speed," Dini said. "Alan and I approached the writing with the idea that we were doing the season you might have seen if we had not put the series aside to do Batman Beyond."

Other figures that will be brought to life in the "Batman: The Adventures Continue" line of figures include Deathstroke, Azrael, and Red Hood, plus alternate versions of Batman himself like the armored Batman from The Dark Knight Returns and Vampire Batman.

What other characters from the pages of Batman comics do you want to see appear in the "Batman: The Adventures Continue" line? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

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