Blade Co-Creator Marv Wolfman Returns to Marvel for Vampire Slayer's 50th Anniversary

Marv Wolfman revisits Blade the Vampire Slayer and Dracula for Marvel's What If...? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1.

What if Marv Wolfman returned to Marvel Comics to turn Blade the Vampire Slayer into a blood-thirsty vampire? 50 years after Wolfman and artist Gene Colan created the half-human/half-vampire "Daywalker" in 1973's Tomb of Dracula #10, the legendary writer will ask the question: "What if..." the Lord of the Vampires sunk his teeth into Eric Brooks, cursing him with eternal bloodlust? In celebration of Blade's milestone anniversary, Wolfman and artist David Cutler (X-Men & Moon Girl #1, The Darkhold: Black Bolt #1) are teaming for the one-shot What If...? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1 this November. 

"In 1972, I was a fledgling comics writer who mostly wrote short 2 to 8 page 'monster' stories when Editor Roy Thomas asked if I'd like to write Tomb of Dracula, my very first series for Marvel, and the book that would jumpstart my career," Wolfman said in a statement about the horror comic that pit the Prince of Darkness against vampire hunters and supernatural threats alike. "So it is a real thrill now that 50-plus years later Marvel asked me to once again dive into that pool with this very special What If...? story, and to bring back that great cast of characters that artist Gene Colan and I created so many years ago. Thank you, Marvel, for giving me the chance to play with old friends one last time."

Said Executive Editor Nick Lowe, "Getting Marv back on Tomb of Dracula is a bucket list check-off. He hasn't lost a step and the opportunity to pair him with David Cutler and [artist] Scott Hanna to make a story that's both love letter and one of the scariest and creepiest and new vampire stories I've read made it all the better!"


The one-shot is part of Marvel's What If...? Dark line that puts a darker twist on classic stories. Previously released tales include What If...? Dark: Loki #1, What If...? Dark: Spider-Gwen #1, What If...? Dark: Venom #1, and What If...? Dark: Moon Knight #1. The series of one-shots asked the questions: What if Asgard's God of Mischief was worthy of wielding the mighty Mjolnir? What if the night Gwen Stacy died was the night Gwen lived — and Spider-Man died? What if a symbiote bonded with Ben Grimm instead of Peter Parker? What if Marc Spector did not live to become the avatar of Khonshu?


Tomb of Dracula #10


Wolfman and Colan's original Tomb of Dracula #10 sees the stake-wielding vampire killer battle the immortal Dracula, who proclaims he "lives to possess the souls of humans — or demand their loyalties as the living dead." Before the villain can inflict his vampirism on an ocean liner packed with partygoers, Blade's first battle with Dracula ends in a stalemate... after the Lord of the Vampires nearly sinks his fangs into Blade's neck. 

Their first meeting will unfold differently in What If...? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1, on sale November 8th from Marvel Comics.