DC's Future State Reveals the Death of SPOILER

A number of DC's Future State titles are reaching their climactic conclusion, and they're undeniably leaving their own stamp on the DC Comics multiverse. One of the most emotionally resonant titles in the event has been Kara Zor-El: Superwoman, a two-part miniseries that told an unexpected story surrounding the Maid of Might. The series' second and final issue made its debut this week -- and it ended on an incredibly poignant tone. Spoilers for Future State: Kara Zor-El: Superwoman #2, from Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage, and Wes Abbott below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue opened right where last issue's cliffhanger left off -- with Lynari, a magical alien being who had become a friend and fellow refugee of Kara Zor-El in her colony on the Moon, being thrown into the clutches of their aunt, who had transformed into a multi-headed beast. In a fiery fight, Kara tried to get the upper hand and defend Lynari -- but Lynari found their way to safety, and told Kara to stand down, so as not to lose the goodness of who she is. Lynari then absorbed Kara's powers and utilized them to fight their aunt -- destroying the precious Starfall Jewel that both of them had been fighting over.

The remainder of the issue shows the new status quo that followed, as Kara, Lynari, aunt Kimara, and the other citizens of the moon began to rebuild the structures that had been destroyed in the fight. All the while, Lynari monologued about Kara's lasting impact -- and that even long after she perished, her morality and source of inspiration remained within the Moon colony.

future state superwoman 2 1
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The issue then ended with a trip back to Krypto the Superdog's gravesite -- which now has a grave for Kara right next to it.

future state superwoman 2 2
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While ending the issue with Kara's death is definitely impactful, it's a narrative decision that serves the issue's central message, all while not entirely closing the door on a potential return for Future State's Kara. With the issue confirming that she lived a long and happy life within the Moon colony prior to her death, there are decades of additional stories that could still be told with her.

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