DC Reveals First Look at The Robin King

The Batman Who Laughs is one of the biggest recent additions to the DC Comics mythos, but he's about to get some competition from someone who somehow might be even creepier. That would be Scott Snyder's latest creation The Robin King, who we'll meet in Dark Nights: Death Metal #2, though we don't have to wait until then to see what he looks like. Thanks to a new post from DC Nation, we can see Riccardo Federici's variant cover for Dark Nights: Death Metal #3, which revels The Robin King in all his creepy glory, and from the tease by Snyder, The Robin King is actually creepier than The Batman Who Laughs.

The caption for the image came from Snyder himself, who said: "The Robin King is evil in the way the Batman Who Laughs is, but he’s almost scarier to me because he was always that way."

We got a recent preview of who The Robin King is, as in Death Metal #2 one of The Batman Who Laughs' Robin Goblins whispers something into his master's ear, which seems to delight The Batman Who Laughs. Now we see the result of that whispered statement, as the Robin Goblin has received some upgrades since we last saw him.

His costume is a mix of black, red, green, and yellow, and has a more royal look to it (albeit evil royalty, but still). He's also wearing a crown of thorns and seems to have three claws attached to his gloves, and one of them definitely has blood on it, so he's been killing recently.

We're still not sure what he said to The Batman Who Laughs, but this might have been part of The Batman Who Laughs' final plan, which was put into motion after he was killed in the first issue of Death Metal by Wonder Woman and her Invisible Chainsaw. Also, that is a wonderful sentence to write, and it never gets old.

You can check out The Robin King above, and the official description for Death Metal #1 can be found below, which is written by Scott Snyder, drawn by Greg Capullo, colored by FCO Plascencia, and inked by Jonathan Glapion.

"Get ready for the earth-shattering encore! The legendary team behind Dark Nights: Metal and Batman: Last Knight on Earth take center stage and reunite for one last tour.


When the Earth is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League is at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. Humanity struggles to survive in a hellish landscape twisted beyond recognition, while Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have all been separated and fight to survive. Unleash the beast and let the head banging begin!"

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