Deadpool and SPOILER Are Dating Now

Deadpool has had a strange dating history. At different times, he got involved with women ranging [...]

Deadpool has had a strange dating history. At different times, he got involved with women ranging from Lady Death to Shiklah, the Queen of the Monsters. There was even a brief period where it seemed like he might have a thing with Rogue of the X-Men. His latest romantic interest is another extraordinary Marvel woman. She's a human, though powerful and with plenty of ties to the world of monsters. In Deadpool #9, the two nearly get imprisoned in a monster dimension before making their relationship more or less official. SPOILERS for Deadpool #9 by Kelly Thompson, Gerardo Sandoval, Victor Nava, and Christ Sotomayor follow.

In the current Deadpool series, Wade Wilson is the king of the monsters. It isn't too surprising then that famed monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone paid a visit to his kingdom. She needed help with a problem. A creature called the Queen of the Bone Beasts poisoned the Bloodstone in her palm. They decided to team up and venture into the realm of the Bone Beasts to kill the Queen, rescue some captured children, and save Elsa. But Elsa wasn't truthful with Deadpool. She didn't bring Deadpool to the Bone Beast realm to kill the Queen. She brought him to give the Queen a new host.

Despite Elsa's betrayal, Deadpool still fought alongside her to rescue the children. As they were making their escape, Elsa passed out from the infection in her Bloodstone. Deadpool took the Bloodstone and embedded it in his own body to gain its power and its disease.

In Deadpool #9, Deadpool uses the Bloodstone's power to fight off the Queen's hordes. When he comes face to face with the Queen as she threatens to possess him, Deadpool blows himself up. His "death" purges the infection from the Bloodstone. Elsa reclaims the artifact and uses it to dispose of the Queen quickly.

After the battle, Deadpool is in pieces. Despite this, he and else still manage to have a conversation about their relationship.

Deadpool Dating Elsa Bloodstone
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

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  • Deadpool #9
  • OCT200654
  • (W) Kelly Thompson (A) Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Chris Bachalo
  • • Elsa Bloodstone sold Deadpool out to the bone beast queen!
  • • With this tenuous alliance already falling apart, who will save the children?
  • • And what about Jeff???
  • Parental Advisory
  • In Shops: Dec 16, 2020
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