'Hellboy vs. Lobster Johnson' Anniversary Comic Announced

Come next month, Dark Horse Comics and Mike Mignola will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hellboy [...]

Come next month, Dark Horse Comics and Mike Mignola will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hellboy with "Hellboy Day," a day celebrating the iconic indie character. Combine that with an upcoming Hellboy live-action reboot in April, it's a busy few months for those involved.

Earlier today, EW revealed the cover to an upcoming one-shot titled Hellboy vs. Lobster Johnson: The Ring of Death, a comic that will further explore Hellboy's legendary bender in Mexico. Featuring a pulp-style painting from artist Paolo Rivera, the cover features Hellboy facing off against a luchador that's drawn inspiration from Lobster Johnson.

hellboy vs. lobster johnson
(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

The one-shot will be written by Mignola and Chris Roberson with art by Mike Norton, Dave Stewart, Paul Grist, and Bill Crabtree. Roberson explained that the one-shot will attempt to expand the story of the infamous lost weekend.

"As longtime readers might remember, in the summer of 1956 Hellboy went through a rough patch, a months-long drunken 'lost weekend' in Mexico that he later claimed to remember very little about, during which he fought Aztec mummies, palled around with Mexican luchador wrestlers, and even spent some time in the ring himself," explains Roberson. "And it's also been established that in Hellboy's world there was a long-running series of low-budget Mexican horror films featuring 'Lobster Johnson,' a masked luchador hero inspired by the Depression-era hero the 'Lobster' who Hellboy had idolized as a kid."

Hellboy vs. Lobster Johnson: The Ring of Death is on sale May 29th.

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