The Hulk Crushes a Marvel Villain's SPOILER

Bruce Banner has dealt with some difficult times during his tenure as the green goliath within Marvel's comics. Currently, Banner is struggling with the idea of immortality as he seemingly cannot be killed and his body is normally being shared between himself, the Immortal/Devil Hulk, and even the gangster Joe Fixit, all vying for control. Recently, Hulk was taken over thanks to the powers of Phillip Masters, The Puppet Master. Taking old jade jaws for a ride, the Hulk managed to eventually win his freedom and had a few words for the Puppet Master.

In Dan Slott's Fantastic Four run, one of the main story lines is the marriage between Benjamin J. Grimm and Alicia Masters, the long time "on again, off again" couple that finally managed to tie the knot. With the fantastic couple finally managing to get married, they were looking to enjoy a week to themselves for their honeymoon with the added benefit of being given some technology from Reed Richards that would allow Grimm to transform back into his human form for the duration. Of course, as is the case with most events in the Marvel comic book universe, things don't exactly go as planned.

Ben and Alicia are confronted by the Hulk, who is seemingly looking for another slobber knocker with the Thing, immediately getting to it and deliver some haymakers right to Yancy Street's finest. One of the greatest fights between the Hulk and the Thing follows, with the tropical paradise being shattered thanks to the destructive force of the two behemoths punches. While Grimm gets manhandled by the "Devil Hulk", he eventually manages to regain his composure and finally manages to actually defeat the green goliath in one on one combat.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

While Ben Grimm may have won the battle, he also may have lost the war as the fiticuffs battle also knocked out the ever loving blue eyed Thing for a solid week, making it so that he could not spend his honeymoon in human form with his wife Alicia. This of course also means that Grimm and Alicia couldn't get the ball rolling on starting a family.

Following the fight, the Hulk is freed from Phil's control and pays a visit to the Puppet Master as he sits in prison. Delivering his own ironic punishment, Banner crushes Masters' hands, making it seemingly impossible for him to ever make any more of his trademark puppets but doesn't stop there. Devil Hulk promises to break even more and the scene is then left to the audience's imagination as all readers are given is an exterior shot of the prison as well as Puppet Master's desperate screams.


In comic books nowadays, even death won't keep someone incapacitated for long so we expect Phillip Masters to return to his nefarious ways sooner rather than later, but he'll certainly be thinking twice before taking over Bruce Banner once again.

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