Marvel Teases A New Version of Hulk Is Coming

Marvel is Teasing a brand-new version of Hulk that's about to arrive – and as you can see in the artwork below, it's a pretty freaky vision of the Jade Giant! Marvel Comics has recently started a brand new arc for the Hulk under the creative direction of former Venom writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Ottley, who have launched Hulk into a bold new direction (literally and figuratively). Cates' new "Starship Hulk" has seen Bruce Banner take control of Hulk's body, modifying it into a cybernetically-enhanced vessel for interdimensional travel. But apparently, things are about to get even weirder for Hulk...

In a new teaser for the upcoming Hulk #6, get a first-look hint at what kind of new manifestation of Hulk is headed our way – and it doesn't look like it's a friendly one: 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"This new threat is basically the Hulk's Knull, but just like Donny and Ryan's run on HULK overall, it's crazier and more dangerous than you can imagine," says Marvel Editor Wil Moss. "The heroes of the Marvel Universe may think Hulk is the problem, but he's not -- THIS is the problem. And after HULK #6, there's no stopping it…"

The premise of this "Starship Hulk" arc comes with a simple tagline: that Bruce Banner isn't the one keeping Hulk in check – it's always been Hulk who is the check on Banner. The "Starship" version of Hulk is comprised of "Banner" serving as "captain" of Hulk, controlling the behemoth's body from the "Mind Palace" he's built (which is designed like a starship). Meanwhile, Banner has locked the classic, raging Hulk in a Danger Room-style prison in the "starship," feeding Hulk's rage as a limitless source of power for that Banner can harness to meter out the Hulk's physical power. 

In the first few issues of Cates and Ottley's run, it's already been foreshadowed that Banner's little Starship Hulk system is primed and ready to implode. Banner's uses of fantasy enemies for Hulk to endlessly fight seems to be like a pressure cooker – one that could make Hulk's rage spike to a place where it never has before, and transformers the monster accordingly. Then again, it could be that the implosion of the Starship Hulk system – or the crazy new dimensions Starship Hulk is traveling through – could also have radical ramifications for the "Bruce Banner" persona in Hulk's head. If that happens, Hulk could be under the sway of an "Evil Banner" that could spell doom for Earth and its heroes. 


Hulk #6 will go on sale on April 20th. 

Source: Marvel