Marvel Reveals Return of Heroes Reborn

Marvel shocked everyone this morning when it revealed that it's reaching into the vault and [...]

Marvel shocked everyone this morning when it revealed that it's reaching into the vault and bringing back one of its more infamous titles back in 2021, and it goes by the name Heroes Reborn. That's right, Marvel is bringing back Heroes Reborn in some form or fashion this year, and so far all we have to go on is a logo and the familiar tag one "Whatever happened to Earth's Mightiest Heroes?" The name carries some baggage for those who remember the original event in 1996 that saw many of Marvel's most iconic heroes relaunched after a battle with Onslaught, so it will be interesting to see what Marvel can do with the premise now.

For those unfamiliar, Heroes Reborn took place after a fateful battle with Onslaught, and many of Marvel's biggest heroes sacrificed themselves to save the world from one of the most powerful villains ever to appear, which was the combined consciousness of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto (long story).

They would give their lives to defeat him, but what they didn't realize was that they were saved by Franklin Richards, who had created a pocket universe for them to live in, and thus Heroes Reborn was, well, born.

During this time the Avengers and the Fantastic Four were removed from the regular Marvel Universe for about a year, leaving other teams like the Thunderbolts and the X-Men to fill the void. The thought dead Marvel heroes would later return to the regular universe, though with some changes and redesigns that at the time were not as well-received as Marvel would've hoped.

The goal was to essentially streamline all the continuity and give fans a fresh place to start, but there were some hiccups, and over time the event and relaunch has gained some baggage to be sure.

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