Marvel's X-Men Editor Says Some Announced "Dawn of X" Titles No Longer Happening

Marvel's X-Men comic reboot event "Dawn of X" had a tiered rollout plan in place for its next phases of new books - but it seems those plans are done for, now. In a recent interview, X-Men group editor Jordan D. White let it be known that after the massive disruptive events of the year 2020, plans for "Dawn of X" have now had to change. "There are books that were going to happen that are not going to happen now... And books that didn't exist that now will," White said in a statement. "I don’t think it's too crazy to say a global crisis shifted some of our plans."

In his conversation with Newsorama, Jordan D. White, elaborated on what has happened behind-the-scenes within the X-Men creative group, forcing them to be much more fluid with their planning: "The plan is very agile and shifts with circumstances. A number of our plans changed between our X-Summit and now based on the hugely shifting circumstances of the world, the industry, our company, and our creators."

Marvel X-Men Dawn X Comics Cancelled New Series

Marvel launched two new X-Men titles in 2020 (Wolverine, Cable), building off the initial line of six titles (X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, Excalibur, Marauders, Fallen Angels). Several new upcoming titles had already been confirmed for 2020, including a reboot of X-Factor and a book focused on a new concept of the Hellions team. Another book, X-Corp, was also in the works, but release details were vague.

One project that seems like it would be ripe for the chopping block is the announced Children of the Atom book, which would've focused on a group of "Gen Z" mutant kids who grew up inspired by the X-Men. Now that the world has seen a sort of new Civil Right Movement unfold in the form of Black Lives Matter, it seems like the X-Men franchise will have to re-examine its own roots (like the series' metaphoric connections to the 1960s Civil Right Movement), and what role of today's youth are playing in society and its reform.


This little mention by Jordan D. White is just one small instance of a massive wave of change that is currently washing over the entire entertainment industry. Many of the stories that studios planned to tell on the screen and the page will now have to be drastically revised, just to have any real social relevance at all. And for a series that's always been as socially-charged as the X-Men comics, that commentary is something a lot of fans will be hoping to see.

The X-Men "Dawn of X" books are currently available wherever comics are sold.

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