Marvel X-Men Spinoff X-Corp in the Works

Marvel’s X-Men relaunch continues to grow as Captain Marvel artist Carmen Carnero moves over to [...]

Marvel's X-Men relaunch continues to grow as Captain Marvel artist Carmen Carnero moves over to X-Corp. Carnero's next Marvel work was revealed in the letters page in today's Captain Marvel #11, Carnero's last on the title. The letters page does not mention who will write the series, nor does it reveal any other details about the title, but it does confirm the series will debut in February 2020. That makes two new Dawn of X titles joining the six debut series in February. The other is the new Wolverine solo series from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Adam Kubert that was announced during the Dawn of X panel at New York Comic Con.

"Don't let Carmen out of your sights! Follow her into the pages of X-Corp, the latest in the wave of genre-redefining X-Men books! Issue #1 is on sale February 2!" Captain Marvel editor Sarah Brunstad writes in the letters page.

The original X-Corp was a concept created during Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men in the early 2000s. X-Corp, or X-Corporation, was created by Professor X during an era of unprecedented mutant population growth. The mutant culture was overtaking human culture as the dominant youth culture. Humans began lashing out more violently against mutants. Professor X founded X-Corp to protect mutant rights, aiding "civilian" mutants who were dealing with everyday bigotry and criminal acts of hate.

X-Corp had offices in major cities on every continent. Domino was based in the Hong Kong office with Risque. Sunspot acted out fo Los Angeles with Empath, Magma, Skids, Skitz, Stringfellow, and Sunspot. Warpath was based in Mumbai with Feral, Sunfire, and Thornn. The Paris branch counted Cannonball, Darkstar, M, Multiple Man, Rictor, Sabra, and Siryn among its members. Thunderbird and Lifeguard operated out of Singapore.

Without any further details, it's impossible to know how closely the new X-Corp will resemble the original X-Corporation. Based on what we know about the Dawn of X status quo, it is possible that X-Corporation will return in order to conduct the business of selling the miracle drugs produced on Krakoa to human nations.

The Dawn fo X era begins in the wake of the universe-changing House of X and Powers of X miniseries. The flagship X-Men title by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu launched today. Five more Dawn of X titles will follow over the next few weeks: Marauders, New Mutants, X-Force, Fallen Angels, and Excalibur.

Are you excited about the new X-Corp series? Let us know in the comments. X-Corp debuts in February 2020.