New Stan Lee-Created Comic Set for Release

Weeks after the passing of Stan Lee, news began to surface suggesting those who owned the rights to his name and likeness would slowly roll out previously unreleased comic content crafted by the late creator. One of those projects is officially now coming into the spotlight later this year. can reveal Dynamite will publish Alliances: Orphans, the beginning of a new comics universe first imagined by Lee.

Set for release as an 184-page original graphic novel on October 5th, Lee is credited as a co-creator of the title, which will feature artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz, Szymon Kudranski, and a host of other artists. The comic is set in the same universe as Lee's best-selling series of novels sporting the same name.


"We're excited at Dynamite to help expand the Alliances universe with this highly anticipated graphic novel," Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci said in a press release. "Working with Luke, Ryan, and everyone involved, to our wonderful artists the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz and the talented Syzmon Kudranski, we're building a truly inspiring tapestry. It is incredible fortune that this all happens to be coming together the same year that would be Stan Lee's centennial, a man whose influence on this project and all of us is practically boundless."

In addition to Lee's created by credit, the graphic novel is written by Luke Lieberman and Ryan Silbert, who also share creator credits. The main chunk of the story is drawn by Kudranski while Sienkiewicz contributed the cover and a prologue story.


"When we would discuss cosmic storytelling with Stan, he would often look up, point toward the sky and then, when the idea came to him wave his hand like a magician," Lieberman and Silbert added. "Bringing Orphans to life in this new project, and expanding Alliances into the stars, is something we know fans have been anticipating for years. This is that moment."

Dynamite also says it expects to continue to expand the Alliances world beyond this single title as well, though no additional titles have yet to be announced.