Peter Ricq's All-Ages Horror Book Ghosts Are People Too is Keeping the Creepy Alive Past Halloween

Cartoonist Peter Ricq still hasn't quite given up the ghost on Halloween season; today is the final day of a Kickstarter campaign to bring his 42-page illustrated book, Ghosts are People Too, to life. The story centers on a simple ordinary ghost named Ethan Alby, and is designed as the kind of all-ages spooky story that fills a niche for things like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or Goosebumps. text

You can check out the campaign -- which closes at midnight ET -- here. The synopsis is below:

Ethan has a family—just like you. He likes playing with toys and his dog, Mini Ricky. Sometimes, though, Ethan gets scared. In GHOSTS ARE PEOPLE TOO, Ethan shares what scares him, how difficult it is to share a home with a living girl he's fallen for (when she doesn't even know he exists), and why we shouldn't be afraid of one another.

"Halloween season has been my favorite season since I was a child," said Ricq. "It had a sense of danger and adventure and that feeling has never dissipated since. I remember watching Fright Night and The Thing from Outer Space coming home from Trick or Treating when I was around 7 years old and those moments of counting your treats along with the excitement of monsters on the TV was so magical, more so than any other holiday. I've since always had a touch of horror, danger, and adventure in my work since."

The Kickstarter campaign for the book compares it to the works of Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman, who make the spooky and mythological accessible to mainstream audiences young and old. The light-hearted spooky stories contained inside include "three true, friendly ghost stories" and seven "surefire ways" to find a ghost, according to Ricq.


Ricq is a cartoonist and animator, best known as the co-creator of the animated television series League of Super Evil (L.O.S.E.). He also worked on the animated television series Storm Hawks as a designer. He lives in Vancouver, where he performs in an electropop band called Humans.

As of this writing, Ghosts Are People Too is a little bit over 90% funded, so if you want to get in on the book, your best bet is to head to Kickstarter today to help get it over the hump so you don't miss out, or have to wait a few extra months while he finds a more traditional publishing route.