Solid Blood #17: Robert Kirkman Reveals Comic That "Shouldn't Exist" Arrives This Week

Comic book showman Robert Kirkman is back with another surprising new marketing plan for his latest series, revealing the existence of Solid Blood #17, which will be available for sale on Wednesday, December 16. Now you may be thinking to yourself that you haven't ever heard of Solid Blood, nor have you seen issues 1 through 16 before at your local comic shop. According to Kirkman this is a comic that "shouldn't exist" but does feature characters that he and co-creator Ryan Ottley previously talked about doing something with though never got around to. The Walking Dead creator took to YouTube, starting his own channel, to show off the comic which appears to be real!

"So this is apparently a comic book called Solid Blood by myself and Ryan Ottley and this is issue 17," Kirkman said in the video. "But the thing is these are characters that Ryan and I had discussed doing something with post-Invincible, that we definitely created, but Ryan is exclusive to Marvel, he just wrapped up a run on Amazing Spider-Man and is working on something in secret now for Marvel, and I am very busy with all the various different things that I'm doing...Basically this is a comic book that we did not work on, that has come from I don't know where."

He continued, "I mean this is like a full, real comic book. Reading it over it certainly seems like my work, and again features characters that we have talked about. You can see it has a full credits page, it is super weird, but there were tens of thousands of copies of this comic book in storage and so I thought 'you know, it's 2020, what the hell, why don't we distribute this? So this is actually going to be in stores December 16. So if you want to go to your local comic shop and get the most confusing comic book that I've ever seen."

To take things even further, the credits page does appear normal on first glance but many of the names included are for people that either no longer work at Image Comics, never did, or have different job titles. Frankly it's still a big mystery, but we're just a few days out from its release and the veil will be removed for all to see.

Here's what we do know: Solid Blood #17 will be released in comic shops on Wednesday, December 16. It's written by Kirkman with art by Ryan Ottley, inks and colors by Cliff Rathburn, and lettered by Russ Wooton.