Amy Adams Is "Totally Open" to Returning as Lois Lane

It would seem that Warner Bros. has moved on from most of their original plans for the DC movie universe after the poor performance of Justice League if their recent moves are anything to go by. That said, while some pieces of the puzzle did not work according to plan, much of the cast was stellar, including Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Henry Cavill as Superman. Cavill has since moved onto The Witcher while Adams hasn't slowed down in the least, but in a new interview with Empire Adams was asked if she would ever return to the Lois role, and she is more than up for it.

Adams said she would "totally be open" to coming back in the role of Lois Lane for a new movie, but she is also aware that the chances of that at this point are rather slim.

"I think [the studio is] moving in a different direction, from my understanding."

She's probably right about that, unfortunately. The poor performance of Justice League resulted in WB going a different direction with their DC films. as future films like Aquaman, Shazam!, and Birds of Prey would only have the lightest of tethers to things that came before, while standalone films like The Joker are all to themselves.

Going even further are films like The Suicide Squad or The Batman, which will either relaunch or reboot those characters.

There are a few sequels in development, like Aquaman or Wonder Woman 1984, and those will likely have some other light connections, but the connected cinematic universe is no longer the focal point, as more attention is being paid to making them stand out as individual films.


As for Superman and Lois, those two are rather in limbo. Cavill hasn't been officially recast by WB, but any Superman projects are on hold at the moment. That said, Cavill always seems up for more Superman, and it seems Adams is too. Who knows, maybe we'll get one more project from them before is all said and done. Fingers crossed.

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