Here's What Ana De Armas Could Look Like As DC's Zatanna

Ana de Armas is having a meteoric rise in Hollywood right now, and it seems all but inevitable [...]

Ana de Armas is having a meteoric rise in Hollywood right now, and it seems all but inevitable that the Spanish-Cuban actress lands a major superhero movie role. Well, a lot of DC fans think that Ana de Armas would be a great pic for a major DC hero or villain role, and now acclaimed fan-artist Bosslogic is turning those dreams into a reality of what could be! Bosslogic took one of Armas' recent high-profile photo shoots and gave DC fans a taste of what she would look like as villain Poison Ivy; to highlight the actress's other potential place in the DC movie universe, we now have Bosslogic art of Ana de Armas as Zatana!

Zatanna is a characters that DC fans have wanted to see in a live-action movie for quite some time. As the daughter of a famous magician (who has actual magic powers) Zatanna becomes a powerful sorceress in her own right. She follows in her father's footsteps, masking her true magical power by playing a stage magician, but over the years Zatanna has grown into one of the key components of DC's magical universe, serving alongside the likes of John Constantine, Deadman, and Swamp Thing on the Justice League Dark supernatural team, or the Justice League itself.

Justice League Dark has been in some form of development limbo going on a decade. Regardless, it remains one of the fan-fave picks for a future movie - and truth be told, it definitely seems better suited for the new approach Warner Bros. is taking, with more standalone and stylized DC movies (Joker, The Batman).

As for Ana de Armas: as stated, she's one of the fastest-rising stars in Hollywood, after breaking out last year with a lead role in Rian Johnson's Oscar-nominated film Knives Out. Armas will break into blockbuster action franchise territory next, playing the latest Bond Girl fatale in No Time to Die. If DC/WB wants that Justice Legaue Dark movie to be built around an alluring and charismatic leading lady, we can think of few better!